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Newsletter October 2015 - Just the articles

Letters from Community LD & Assistant LD

Dear brothers/sisters, 

         Great news! It's fall walk time and we have enough men and women for both walks. We also have both mens and womens team but we can use people for off sight on both walks. Chrysalis is in need for off sight workers too. Try and remember your walk and how blessed you were. It would be a shame if these pilgrims and caterpillars we're not given the same chance. Please pray and see if there is any way that you can help with these walks. God doesn't need us but he wants us to be a part of this great experience.

Your brother in Christ
Jim Sailor 
Community Lay Director

Greetings and God's Blessings!

It's fall and it's a reminder that the weekends are steadily approaching. We all fell back in love that weekend when our eyes showed us the wonderful Agape love that was shown to us.  Whether it was all those lovely gifts we found on our tables or our beds, the beautiful Chapel services, the tremendous food (and lots of it), the memorable candlelight service or the uplifting closing service.  All of these moments are constantly stirred in our minds.  Finally don't forget the touching sight of all those names that continued to pray over us that weekend.

Please support our new community members with any act of service you can give. Contact any of the board members and they can direct you on how you can serve these upcoming weekends. 

May God continue to bless you!
G'na Stephens
Assistant Community Lay Director 


So I didn’t miss the boat and I turned in my pilgrim’s application, but what do I do now!!  Here is a short summary of the application process, the community is made up of board members who serve in different job opportunities, one of those is camp registrar which is my job.  The board has an application review committee including myself who has met and looked over all applications.

Some applications may need more information, clarification or not have correct signatures, in which I try to make phone calls or get missing items. Once they have been approved, then I send out a Pilgrim letter welcoming them to the weekend and give basic information about the camp.  I also send to the sponsor a letter outlining the responsibilities of the sponsor along with a copy of the pilgrim letter.  Please, take time to read the letter because even though you went through the sponsorship class, some of the information may have not been committed to memory and I know you will want to do a good job as a sponsor.  After our recent review of applications here is the approved list, and letters are in the mail.  

For the Men’s Walk # 95: Charles Baxter, Sean Briscoe, Steve Hamilton, Ben Randolph, Michael Riggle, Rodney Scott, Kendrick Vinson and Daniel Wright.  

For the Women’s Walk # 96: Regina Arnett, Megan Barker, Paula Boyles, Jean Chester, Jessyca Hayes, Stephanie Henderson, Belynda Kirby, Elizabeth Kitko, Christina Oldaker, Tiffany Oldaker, Christa Randolph, Sandy Rogers and Star Watson. If you sent in an application and your pilgrim is not listed please contact immediately @ (304) 338-6288.  We appreciate your desire to sponsor and with that honor comes many responsibilities toward your pilgrim so don’t do this halfhearted but do it as unto the LORD!!

Margaret Brown
Emmaus Registrar 

Hello community! 

I am excited to announce that we have already received a handful of caterpillar applications, and the Lord is working through the teaming process. Please prayerfully consider if there is a young person in your sphere of influence that God is calling you to sponsor. If so, please get their applications to me ASAP the deadline was September 30. My contact info can be found on the last page on this newsletter along with all other board members. 

God bless and Fly with Christ!
Rebekah Goodwin Lynch

As the lay director for the chrysalis fall girls weekend I pray these weekends all of them are blessed beyond words an truly speaking God’s word and the Holy Spirit is moving like never before. Please truly put God first be there as much as possible. We need help on offsite if you aren't teaming. There is agape, Agape feast, chapels, in the kitchen serving, cleaning, decorating and most important prayer so don’t forget the 72 hour prayer vigil. I really hope to see a wonderful group there for sponsors hour, the candlelight service and closing let these pilgrims and caterpillars know how loved they are. I as the lay director for girls I need your extra help love and support. I am asking as your sister in Christ to help show Jesus's love these weekends in a might. Lets get together the more the merrier. I love this community and I am so honored and blessed to be a part of it and be the lay director this coming weekend for the girls. So help me especially in support in these areas and pray for a God moment in the team, caterpillars, and the community as a whole. I do love you all my family in Christ forever!!!! - Heather Ashcraft Girls Fall LD

Attention!   Attention!  Come one come all to the fall weekends,  This month we have the men's walk , women's walk and Chrysalis walks (boy's and girl's).  Do not let this opportunity pass you by. This would be a great time to get your off site time in so you can team next spring.  Come be the hands and feet of Jesus.  The joy that will fill your heart you will not be able to contain it.  Trust me I know ever since my walk you cannot keep me away from these weekends.  I challenge you to try me. Come see what I mean.  It is the best time I have ever had. – Donna Sims

Willing workers are still needed in the following areas:
Setup 10am October 8th
Agape angels for all weekends
Kitchen helpers for all weekends
Clowns for Chrysalis
Prayer warriors to sign up for prayer vigil [links can be found below]
Mens Emmaus Walk #95 - October 8-11
Womens Emmaus Walk #96 - October 15-18
Chrysalis Girls Flight #43/Journey #21 - October 23-25
Chrysalis Boys Flight #44/Journey #22 - October 23-25

Background Checks - this is something Chrysalis has been doing for some time but it has now become community wide [Both Emmaus & Chrysalis]. As we have youth in our community we have to take steps to attempt to safeguard them from potential harm. All offsite volunteers and team members will need to The Check costs $10 and is good for 5 years. The entire policy, form, and documents can be found at

Scholarship Fund - Emmaus and Chrysalis both have a scholarship fund. These funds provides financial scholarships to cover fees. Community members have donate to the fund so that it is there to cover the financial need. This fall 2 emmaus scholarships will be used. If you would like to donate to help replenish and keep the scholarship fund alive please contact the Emmaus Treasurer Tammy ones. Donations can also be mailed to: NCWV Emmaus PO Box 83 Fairmont WV 26554. Thank you for blessing someone with the gift of teaming that otherwise might not be able to experience teaming. 

Mens Emmaus Walk #95 Team includes: Lee Haught, Dave Daughtery, Eric Pirrong, Rodney McGinnis, Mitch Lucas, Kevin Gump, Gary Hollingshead, Mike Talkington, Mike Allen, Jim Salior, Lou Ortenzio, Ed Craft, Tim Turner, Janice Smith, Wade Robinson

Womens Emmaus Walk #96 Team includes: Vanessa Lanham, Kelly Crandall, Ashley Stephens, Bekah Lynch, Debi Lanham, Jennifer Regar, Becky Stewart, Suzann Haught, Connie Goodwin, Judie Furie, Jodie Thompson, Tiffany Lantz, Linda Hollinghead, Sandra Blankenmyer, Liz Mick, Gregg Lanham, Carl Radcliff, Peggy Williams, Susie Metzner, Missie Elliott

Chrysalis Girls Flight #43/Journey #21 Team includes: Heather Ashcraft, Tammy Jones, Alayna Philips, Tiffany Sharp, Sarita Robinson, Tabby Hamrick, Ashley Matheny, Duane Bartrug, Danny Blake, Shirley Brown, Missie Elliott, Sheryl Jones, Sharon Dennison, Jeanne Fields, Kathy Doyle, Caroline Pauley, Kendra McQuain, Amber Blanchard, Erika Utt, Mercedes Hawkins, Connie McMillian

Chrysalis Boys Flight #44/Journey #22 Team includes: Mike Crandall, Jeffery Hawkins, Mitch Lucas, Dave Jones, Dusty Merrill, Keith Dodrill, Willie Owens, Leon Brown, Wade Robinsion, Jermiah Jasper, Dan Brown, Rusty Elliott, Ryan Graban, Gary Hollingshead, Fred Robinson, Butch Dennison, Stephen Zirilli, Tyler Cattlett, Chris Gump, Corey Gero, Andrew Galan, Dice Harper

Gathering News

October there will be no gathering since the weekends are happening and we need to put our main focus towards them. I hope everyone will be helping in some way. Be in prayer now and be asking the Lord he wants you to do for the community. November we will celebrate all of our new pilgrims and butterflies with a dinner at 530 and gathering at 630.  SPONSORS don’t forget to bring the new community members it is your responsibility to remind and help get the people you sponsored there! Don't be a lazy sponsor take them to all these things so they know the ropes. To end the year right the Christmas dinner will be located at Congregational Missionary Church (CMC) in Stonewood on December 5 at 1PM. - Heather Ashcraft

Board Elections

There will be four Emmaus board members completing a three year term this coming December.  Elections will be held at the November gathering. Please pray about serving on the NCWV Emmaus Board of Directors. Full participation is critical to keeping walks and events running smoothly. The nominating committee is made up of the 4 who will be going off the board: Heather Ashcraft, Margret Brown, Glenna Butcher, G’na Stephens. If you believe God is calling you to be involved, please submit your name to one of the committee members. You must have served on the talk room team at least once. Previous board members are encouraged to run again and bring their past experience to the board. Whether you are an older community member or a new member, if you are taking the time to read this, consider that God may be calling you to serve in this important ministry. Board meetings are held on the third Monday of each month.

Are You Ready?

The Fall Flights start in less than a month! Are you ready? Are your ready to…
Sponsor? If you have a caterpillar you wish to send and forgot to get the application turned in, please get in touch with Bekah Lynch ASAP. The caterpillar deadline was September 30th.
Pray? Prayer is a key part of the foundation for each weekend. Please join us in praying for the Chrysalis teams, the caterpillars, and offsite team, as we all come together to serve, learn about and praise our Holy Father. The Prayer vigils are now up online and can be found in the links below.
Serve? It takes many hands and feet to make each weekend happen. With so many serving on the talk rooms, we need some of our AMAZING community to step up and help serve off-site. We still need helpers in Chapel, Agape, Tear Down/Clean Up, and the Kitchen.  Please contact Codi Richards if you would like to serve off-site.
Be Present? Please consider coming to Send-off on Friday, October 23rd, at 8:30am ad staying for Sponsors hour. Then, come back and see us again on Saturday night, October 24th, at 8:00pm to show the caterpillars and team what the body of Christ looks like. And finally come and see us on Sunday afternoon, October 25th, at 3:00pm to hear what all God will have accomplished over the weekend. I can guarantee you there will be some AWESOME testimonies given.
The Chrysalis community is excited to welcome so many new members into our family in just a few short weeks. Please help us make these weekends some of the very best. The youth are relying on YOU to be the Hands and Feet of Christ.

Fly with Christ,
Codi Richards

Upcoming Events

September 30 – Chrysalis Caterpillar Deadline
October 8-11 – Mens Emmaus Walk #95 LD: Lee Haught
October 15-18 – Womens Emmaus Walk #96 LD: Vanessa Klingler
October 23-25 – Chrysalis Girls Flight #43/Journey #21 LD: Heather Ashcraft 
October 23-25 – Chrysalis Boys Flight #44/Journey #22 LD: Mike Crandall
November 21 – Sponsorship Class 4:30PM Covered Dish Dinner 5:30PM Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel in Fairmont
December 5 – Christmas Dinner 1PM Congregational Missionary Church [CMC] in Stonewood

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.