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Dream BIG Dreams!

Everyone was created to do something great—great in their own realm. Each of us has the potential to become great at something—a great wife, a great mom, a great seamstress, a great husband, a great father a great businessman. But whatever we do, we should not have little ideas, dreams, or visions. Little things are important, and we should never despise the day of small things. But we ought to have big ideas, dreams, and visions because we serve a big God.

            I would rather have a big dream and see half of it come to pass than to have a little dream and see all of it come to pass. I believe that when God created all of us, He formed and fashioned each person, breathed the breath of life into us and then took a little part of Himself and placed it within each of us. One of us may have a gift of music, another may have a speaking gift, and another may have a gift of writing. The problem comes when we try to tale the gift God has given us and use it to do what someone else is doing instead of developing our own potential. We have a part of God in us. We are not a mistake. We don’t have to spend our live on the back burner.

            We are not too old or to young. We have God-given dreams and visions. But the dreams and visions God gives us for the future are possibilities not “positivelies.” (That’s the way God spoke it to me a long time ago.) With Him, Nothing is impossible; but it also takes our cooperation and willingness through determination, obedience, and hard work to develop what He has put in us.

-From New Day New You by Joyce Meyer

 Are you dreaming BIG in 2015?

Gathering News

February 21 630pm at H&H Chapel in Fairmont WV. Corey Gero will be the 4th Day/Next Steps speaker and Tabitha Hamrick will provide music. Snacks and fellowship will follow. Hope to see everyone there.  – Heather Ashacraft

New Year…New Boards


G'na Stephens

Community LD

Jim Sailor

Assistant LD/Secretary

Tammy Jones


Margaret Brown


Sarita Robinson


Heather Ashcraft


Tabby Hamrick


Glenna Butcher

Team Selection

Donna Sims


Charles Glover

Agape/Prayer Vigil

Mike Crandall

Setup/Cleanup/Put Away

Renee McFarland


Codi Richards

Rep from Chrysalis

Steve Stemple

Community Spiritual Director

Ed Moats

Assistant Spiritual Director


Codi Richards

Community LD

Becky Stewart

Assistant LD/Treasurer

Sharon Dennison


Kim Cottingham


Emily Galan


Robert Stier


Hannah Hall


Lou Ortenzio


Wade Robinson


Andrew Galan


Alayna Phillips


Bekah Lynch

Team Selection

Heather Ashcraft

Rep from Emmaus


Greetings Community!

The New Year has arrived and already we're a month into it.

Over the years we've seen God's amazing power.  We've seen His healings, His miracles and His ability to give the meekest of us courage, the weakest of us strength.

How many times have we’ve “I can't"?  But God could!  How many times have we've said I don't have time, but when we handed over to God, the time was always found?  God is waiting for us to hand over the reins to Him.  Allow Him to be in charge of our lives.

Very soon, we will be having our next walks and flights and our board members need your help.  Whether it's setting up, working the kitchen or chapel, making Agape gifts, praying, tearing down or cleaning up.  All of these tasks are great, but with all of us together working, it can be light work.  Please contact our board members or myself to see where you can serve.  Whether it's one hour or the entire weekend.  I promise you will be blessed. 

Finally, I'd like to say it's an honor to serve as your Community Lay Director for the 2nd year.  It truly is a blessing to work alongside this amazing board from last and this year too!  Continue to pray for all of us.

God Bless all of you and your families! 
G'na Stephens
Community Lay Director


Spring 2015 Teams

Chrysalis Girls Flight #41 & Journey #19
LD – Codi Richards

Team includes: Hannah Hall, Kim Cottingham, Mary Galan, Emily Galan, Tabby Hamrick, Becky Stewart, Bert Coffman, Danny Blake, John Carnes, Victoria Cochran, Hunter Baker, Amber Blanchard, G'na Stephens, Angie Davis, Tiffany Sharp, Heather Ashcraft, Donna Sims

Chrysalis Boys Flight #42 & Journey #20
LD – Wade Robinson

Team includes: Andrew Galan, Chase Lucas, Fred Robinson, Mike Crandall, Rodney Richards, Mitch Lucas, Sal Bombardiere, Lou Ortenzio, Austin Lynch, Peggy Williams, Leon Brown, Rick Dequasie, Cameron Robinson, Hunter Glover, Corey Gero, Robert Stier, Chris Starkey, David Jones, Jimmy Steel, Dave Daughtery, Charles Glover


Greeting Emmaus Community,

We are having a great start to our new year.  As you know Eric Pirrong is the Lay Director for the Men’s Walk (April 23-26, 2015) and Terri Dennis is the Lay Director for the Women’s Walk (April 30 – May 3, 2015).  Their team selection has begun and is going well.  If you are interested in teaming please let me or one of them know as soon as possible.  I know both weekends will be very exciting and all will be blessed. 

Along with that, please try to attend Sponsor's Hour (sendoff), Candle Light and Closing.  I know people are needed to help with offsite and if you have not done offsite, it can be a lot of fun and will qualify you for teaming.  Remember your Agape and please make some for not only the Emmaus Walks but also Chrysalis.  Chrysalis is very importing to our community and they are big supporter of the Emmaus Walks.

The Lord be with you on your Fourth Day! DeColores!
Glenna K. Butcher (304-704-5189)


Pilgrim & Caterpillar Sponsorship

Do you need to take a sponsorship training class? If you have never taken this class and want to sponsor a pilgrim or caterpillar the answer is YES. If it has been a while since you took the class a refresher isn’t a bad idea either.

The class will be available Feb 21 & March 21 before the monthly gathering. Contact Tabby Hamrick to sign up. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 304-641-2169) 


Caterpillar App ß Click Here for the app

Who is God calling you to sponsor for the upcoming Flight/Journey? These youth are the future generation PLEASE prayerfully consider who in your life would benefit from a weekend just to spend with God.

The deadline for Chrysalis Application is March 30th. Please use the updated apps that are on the website. They say 2015 at the bottom of them. If you have questions please contact me. -  Kim Cottingham


Pilgrim App ß Click Here for the app

Hello, Community!  My Name is Margaret Brown, I went on Emmaus Walk # 68 in spring of 2008, since that time I have had the privilege of teaming several times and this is my second term serving on our NCWV Emmaus Board.  This year my assignment is registrar for the Emmaus Walks.   I just wanted to share how important it is that you use the new updated Pilgrim & Sponsor Forms that are posted on our web site.  All information needs to be filled completely out and in a manner that we can read. Please don’t assume just because you have been in Emmaus for years that we know your information, or that we should be the ones to fill it in, that is part of being a good sponsor.  The information that you provide is used by several different board members to make the weekends run smoothly and send information home with your pilgrim.  So if you provide incomplete or inaccurate information it will be wrong that weekend. The deadline to accept Men’s applications will be Thur. April 2 and the Women’s applications deadline will be Thur. April 9.  Then the Board Application Committee will review and  decide if the application is completed and if the Pilgrim seems ready to be on the weekend, so all the information is very important. I look forward to getting to know the sponsors and pilgrims that God is calling to these weekends.  DeColores, your Sister in Christ              Marg.

Hands and Feet of Christ...AKA offsite


Sharon Dennison will head up the Kitchen team for the Chrysalis weekend. She asks for you to “Please consider making a commitment to be the hands and feet of JESUS in the kitchen with me. It takes a lot of hands and feet to make this fruitful. You can say yes to JESUS by letting Codi Richards or me know. I have done this twice in the past and have been richly blessed both times. Just say yes please. Thank you in advance. DeColores and Fly with CHRIST.”

– Lou Ortenzio & Wade Robinson

Workers are needed for both the Men’s and Women’s weekends. The Kitchen is always a busy place where many of the hands and feet of Jesus are needed.  

– Sarita Robinson


This a HUGE job where many hands are needed. The main set up will take place Thursday April 16th. Clean up will take place the Sunday of each weekend. Mini re-set ups will also take place in between each weekend. Sunday of the Women’s weekend will be the tear down where all the mattresses must be returned to their storage room and all of our supplies put away in our 3 buildings.

– Emily Galan & Robert Stier

I will be having shoulder surgery on February 4th and will be physically limited so I need all the help I can get.

– Mike Crandall


Chrysalis will be here before you know it and it won’t happen unless we have help at the camp. I need people for: boys chapel, sponsors hour, set up the milk jugs for candle light, person for candle light, clowns(for boys and girls), and music for closing and if anyone would love to help me with the girls chapel that would be awesome. If you would love to help please let me know! Thanks J

– Alayna Phillips

A head chapel person is needed for the women’s weekend. Helpers are needed for both the men and womens weekend.  Thanks

– Donna Sims


Agape angels are needed for the Chrysalis weekend. Don’t forget to make agape for the weekend too. Please mark it with the # of pieces included & BOYS, GIRLS, BOTH, or EITHER so we know which group it should go to.

– Andrew Galan

Agape Angels are needed for both Men and Womens weekend. Please mark you agape with the # of pieces included. If you want your leftover agape back please pick up Sunday of the weekend or it will be recycled for future weekends.

– Charles Glover

How is God calling you to be the hands and feet on the upcoming spring weekends?

Upcoming Events

Feb. 21 – Monthly Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel Snacks and Fellowship following
March 7 – Agape Making HOOT CMC in Stonewood. 5-8pm 
March 21 – Dinner 5:30PM Monthly Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel
March 30 – Caterpillar Application Deadline
April 2 – Men’s Pilgrim Application Deadline
April 9 – Women’s Pilgrim Application Deadline
April 17-19 Chrysalis Girls Flight #41 & Journey #19
April 17-19 Chrysalis Boys Flight #42 & Journey #20
April 23-26 Emmaus Men Walk #93
April 30-May 3 Emmaus Women Walk #94

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.