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Newsletter November 2015 - Just the articles

Letters from Community LD & Assistant LD

Dear brothers/sisters, 

Another walk has come and gone. On each walk, GOD's hands and feet were very evident. Lives were changed. GOD not only spoke to the pilgrims but to the team also. Where do we go from here? Well, a good start would be to try and come to the 4th Day/Next Steps event on Nov. 21 at H&H chapel. Come and meet your new brothers and sisters. To those who have been asked to possibly step up and be board members, please consider stepping up. Without the board, these events cannot take place. May GOD richly bless each one of you.

Your brother in Christ
Jim Sailor 
Community Lay Director

Greetings Community!

Tonight I attended the final closing for 2015.  This year we have been blessed by so many individuals who have given so much of their time, prayers and efforts to make these 6 Walks and Flights possible.  I listened to one team member talk to me about her first opportunity to team.  She was amazed how all of this happened.  We all take for granted, the behind the scenes workers that allow the teams to thrive over the weekend.  While teams are ministering to each other, this community pulls together with Agape gifts and love, hours of prayer, delicious meals, setup of the camp, chapels, dining rooms, talk rooms and the cleanup of the camp.  The Lay Director and teams that meet for months preparing for these weekends is so much of a blessing because they are what brings to our community all of the new Pilgrims and Butterflies that will continue God’s ministry to the next generation of Emmaus, Chrysalis and Journey followers.  I know God our Father is looking on with pride of all of you. 

It my prayer that all of you continue to pray for these new members of our community, for our new board members and upcoming weekends for 2016.

May God Bless you all!
G’na Stephens
Assistant Community Lay Director


Recently, after months of passing these indoor potted flowers and thinking to myself, I have just got to make the time and repot these poor flowers, I did just that.  I was talking to them as I proceeded to soak them in a tub of water and then prying then out of their way to small pots where their roots had matted them self in a tight ball of a mess, saying I am sorry for the temporary pain and uncomfortable tearing into the matted roots that I had to do.  Even though, I know to get the best out of the flowers, it is so important to repot them and then God spoke to my heart that often times to get the best from us, he has to soak us in troubled times and difficult situations and then move us out of our familiar spots that we have growth out of.  I am sure if the plants could talk, they would have wanted to stay where it was just comfortable, but it couldn’t grow anymore in that area.  As I go off the Emmaus Board this year after serving for my 3 year term, I know it all part of the growth process of our Emmaus Community, by allowing other to move into those spots so they can grow.  I hate leaving and have always felt such a blessing to serve this community, but this is the re-potting time for our community. I believe that God is preparing those to come and serve on this board, but some of you are not so sure you want to leave your pots of where you serve now but search your hearts and see if God is asking you to be repotted to anew or renewed service to this community! Then step out in faith that He will equip you for the task that he has planned for you by answering His call to serve on the Emmaus Board. Don’t wait to be asked, volunteer!  You will not be sorry that you allowed God to repot you!!!! 

Marg (Margaret) Brown

Nominations for…

Emmaus Board: Beth Graban and Dan Brown. 2 more are needed is God calling you?
Chrysalis Board: Heather Ashcraft. 

Elections will be held at the November gathering. Please pray about serving on the NCWV Emmaus or Chrysalis Board of Directors. Full participation is critical to keeping walks, flights, and events running smoothly.  

If you believe God is calling you to be involved, please submit your name to a current board member. You must have served on the talk room team at least once. Previous board members are encouraged to run again and bring their past experience to the board. Whether you are an older community member or a new member, if you are taking the time to read this, consider that God may be calling you to serve in this important ministry. 

Gathering News

This month (November) we will celebrate all of our new pilgrims and butterflies with a dinner at 5:30 and gathering at 6:30.  There will also be a Day of deeper understanding/Sponsorship class at 4:30pm. If you wish to sponsor someone in 2016 but have never taken this class please attend. All 3 are at Meadowdale H&H Chapel United Methodist Church. The address for the church is 141 Mt Harmony Rd, Fairmont, WV 26554. I want to encourage everyone to bring all of the Pilgrims/Butterflies they sponsored to this gathering. Everyone should make it a priority to be there for the new community members and support Emmaus/Chrysalis. If you haven’t been to a gathering in a while please make a point to come this month and bring a friend. Let's celebrate our fall weekends and fellowship with each other and the Lord.

Mark calendars…be there…prepare to make a commitment to come celebrate and fellowship Jesus's birth. Sunday, December 6 at 2pm at Congregational Missionary Church (CMC) in Stonewood.  The address for the Church is 203 Hazelwood Ave, Clarksburg, West Virginia 26301. NOTE THE DATE/TIME CHANGED from November newsletter. Due to scheduling conflicts the Christmas Dinner is now Sunday, December 6, 2015 2PM at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewood. The community will provide the plates, cups, napkins and cutlery and the Board members will provide different types of drinks, meat and potatoes.   In order to gather a good variety of side dishes we will try to break it down as follows:  

Last names beginning with:  
A - G bring vegetable dishes 
H - M bring salad and/or appetizers.    
N - Z bring desserts    

As the fall girls chrysalis lay director I just first want to thank everyone who had a hand in any way to this weekend. Also welcome our butterflies for both boys and girls to our community. I am here for each and every one of you and hold a special love for each one of you that Jesus has gave me. I will always remember this specific weekend and I am excited to get to know all the new community members pilgrims as well. Stay involved and connected to this community it has been one of the greatest joys in my life. I hope the same for every one of you that you feel that joy make Jesus the Lord, number one of your life, live to be his disciple, and be a leader for him. Thank you again. Everyone welcome! I love this community more than I can say but I love Jesus more than anything. Thank you for giving me this chance to lead in this special way. It meant the world to me. I am forever grateful and it's only by God’s grace it was able to happen - Heather Ashcraft 


The Fall Weekends are over and the Chrysalis & Journey Flights were an AMAZING success! We would like to welcome 11 new butterflies into the community. We would also like to give a HUGE shout of thanks to the WONDERFUL offsite help we had on the weekend. Thank you to everyone who came out to camp and worked offsite, came to any of the community events, those that made agape, and those that prayed for our weekends. The teams and butterflies were immensely touched by each of you. – Codi Richards Chrysalis Community LD

It's a HOOT!

If you would like to support the chrysalis community and order a shirt and/or hoodie please contact Tabby Hamrick or Codi Richards by November 21th. 

The Chrysalis community will be having a HOOT on November 7th at 6:00pm at Valley Worlds of Fun in Fairmont. We want to give the new butterflies a chance to meet some of the Chrysalis community and the older members a chance to hang out! The cost of the HOOT is: $22 plus tax for a Funpass or $4 per game of bowling and $6 per game of laser tag (plus tax).

CHRYSALIS/JOURNEY YOUTH: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let lack of funds keep you from coming. If you can't afford the HOOT or need a ride, please get in touch with Codi Richards.

Chrysalis will most likely get a few pizzas to eat for dinner at some point during the evening, but you may want to bring extra money for snacks and drinks.

Upcoming Events

November 21 – Sponsorship Class 4:30PM Covered Dish Dinner 5:30PM Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel in Fairmont
December 6 – Christmas Dinner 2PM Congregational Missionary Church [CMC] in Stonewood
NOTE THE DATE/TIME CHANGED from November newsletter. Due to scheduling conflicts the Christmas Dinner is now Sunday, December 6, 2015 2PM at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewood.
January 16 – Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel in Fairmont. Snacks and fellowship following.

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.