Reunion Group

Hi! My name is Tabby Hamrick…I worship at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewod….I went on NCWV Chrysalis Flight #3…and I sat at the table of Jesus means much to me. And my name is Renee McFarland…I attended the North Central West Virginia Walk to Emmaus #80…I worship at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewood…and I sat at the table of Sarah. We are in charge of preparation on the board this year. This means preparing the nametags, folders, crosses and making sure all the supplies are at camp for the weekend like the airhorn. We also want to encourage the startup of Reunion Groups. Do you desire to continue your pursuit of a life lived wholly in the grace of God by becoming part of a small accountability Reunion Group? Below you can find: 1) What is an Emmaus/Chrysalis Reunion Group? 2) How do I join a Reunion Group? 3) How do we have an effective Reunion Group? We have an option to have reunion groups online. It is a simple chat group anyone can use. You don’t have to have anything special like facebook or sign up for anything. See the details below.  If you currently are a part of an active Reunion Group that is meeting regularly please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details so we can add your group to our active Reunion Group list.

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New Emmaus Pilgrim Application!

The board has created a brand new Emmaus Pilgrim Application. If you have an older version of the application please THROW THEM AWAY! They are inconsistent and missing fields for very important information!

Any submissions of the old version of the application will be promptly returned with a copy of the new application. The application needs to be mailed in by the sponser to NCWV Emmause P.O. Box 83 Fairmont WV 26555. Please note that for the Spring Walk's the Men's application is due by April 3 and the Women's application is due by April 10.

Download the new Application to the left... 



Upcoming Events

Welcome new community members and old! It's never too early to mark your calendar for Emmaus and Chrysalis events! These events follow the same schedule every time we have a Emmaus Walk or Chrysalis/Journey Flight. Be sure to become familiar with the proceedings and get involved! Gathering is always the 3rd Saturday of the month.

****If you are interested in sponsoring someone for the Spring Weekend, but have not had sponsorship training yet, please contact Tabby Hamrick at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or send her a private facebook message to arrange a class. This must be completed within the next two weeks. ****

****Camp will need to be set-up for all 3 weekends on Thursday April 10th at Camp Towles. Set-up crew will get started with this HUGE task at 10:00AM. If anyone has some free time and would like to help, please let Emily Galan (304-695-3824) or Lou Ortenzio (304-677-8880) know. If you can only come out to help for a few hours we would still love to see you. Setting up the camp is a HUGE job and takes all day to complete.****

April 11-13

Boy's and Girl's Chrysalis and Chrysalis Journey Flights

April 24-27

Men's Walk to Emmaus

May 1-4

Women's Walk to Emmaus

Your presence is a powerful ministry. The Spirit of God dwells within His people! Be sure to attend weekend events such as Send-Off, Sponsors' Hour, Candlelight, and Closing to support the community and be a blessing as you have been blessed!


Men's and Women's Send Off and Sponsors' Hour - Pilgrims begin to arrive, with their sponsors, at the camp around 6:30pm. Everyone is asked to gather in the dining hall around 7pm so the Send Off activities may begin! Community members are encouraged to be present to show support for the team and the new Pilgrims. This is immediately followed by Sponsors' Hour in the chapel, where each participant will be prayed for by name. You can attend Sponsors' Hour to lift the weekend up in prayer even if you have not sponsored anyone.


Chrysalis and Chrysalis Journey Send off and Sponsors' Hour - The Chrysalis and Chrysalis Journey Flight Send Off and Sponsors' Hour are identical to those of the Men's and Women's Weekends, except the catepillars will arrive as early as 7am and the community will gather in the dining hall around 8am.


Candlelight - The community gathers in the dining hall or around the camp fire (weather permitting) at 8pm. As we wait for the Pilgrims and Team to arrive (9pm) we will participate in worship and communion, and pray over the individual names of those participating in the weekend. Community members are urged to leave immediately after the Candlelight ceremony takes place so that we do not interfere with the rest of the evening's events.

Candlelight for Chrysalis/Journey is the same.


Closing - The community will gather in the talk room at 3pm, or as soon as the Pilgrims and Team leave to read their letters in the chapel. We will then set up for the Closing Service. There will be a time of worship held prior to the arrival of the Pilgrims and Team. When they arrive (4pm) the Closing Service will begin! Each Pilgrim will have an opportunity to speak. Therefore, the length of this event varies based on the number of Pilgrims who attended the weekend, and how many of them are clergy!

Closing for Chrysalis/Journey is the same.

All of these events require some set up and tear down. If you would like to lend a helping hand, show up early or stay late!


May 17: Gathering. Fourth Day/Next Step/Sponsorship Class

4:30 Sponsorship Class, 5:30 Dinner, 6:30 Gathering at H and H Chapel in Fairmont.  Praise and Worship will be provided by Mary and Ron Gordon. There will be no 4th day talk as new members of the community will be sharing their 4th day experience/testimony. This will be a great time for the community to get together and get to know new members!!