Emmaus Pilgrims & Chrysalis Caterpillars - UPDATED 9/17

Girl caterpillars - Erika Utt, Leslie Utt, Kendra McQuain, Amber Blanchard, Mercedes Hawkins, Ashston Lear
Boy Caterpillars - Corey Gero, Sam Spencer, Tyler Hendricks

**If you have a caterpillar not on this list please contact Kim Cottingham or Codi Richards ASAP. 


The Mens deadline has passed and the Womens is just a day away on September 18th. Late applications will be accepted until Monday September 22nd at 5pm. The Emmaus Registrar is Jim Martin.
Applications received as of Monday September 15th:
Men - 
Women - 

Monthly Gathering & Fall Commissioning Services

Gathering is September 20th at H&H Chapel in Fairmont. There will be a covered dish dinner at 5:30 followed by the gathering at 6:30. Donna Sims will bring the 4th day testimony and Tabby Hamrick will bring the music. There will also be a Commissioning service to cover the fall teams in prayer and prepare them for the weekends during the gathering. Hope to see everyone there. – Heather Ashcraft

** Emmaus will also have a Commissioning Service during their team meeting for those that cannot make the gathering. Men’s will be 27th at the Clarksburg Baptist church on West Pike Street at 1PM. Women’s will be September 20th at CMC in Stonewood at 10AM. 

Letters from the fall weekend LDs

Ephesians 5:15-16 says "Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of the time, because the days are evil."  Charles Stanley puts this verse in 3 short statements.  Be careful how we walk.  Be wise about decisions.  Be alert to opportunities.  Each day we are surrounded by opportunities to share the love of Christ and each day we walk by many of them.  Yes, some opportunities inconvenience us and some stretch us. But God gives us everything we need to accept every opportunity.   I pray that you will choose to be a part of this weekend.  It takes a community to pull together for these walks and there will be lots of opportunities to share the love of Christ.  Just your presence is a testimony.  Be in prayer for the teams.  WE need your help.  We have been given an opportunity to spread the Good News and we have accepted the challenge.  We must be careful how we live because others are watching. We must be wise about the decisions we make and we must be alert to opportunities.  Dr. Stanley says that a bored Christian is not a good testimony.  If you are bored, then you are blind to the many opportunities that God gives us each day.   So I ask you to go with us on this Flight with your hands and feet and prayers.  God has a divine assignment for you.
Fly with Christ. 
Liz Mick – Girl’s LD
Chrysalis Flight 39 / Journey 17

Team includes: Liz Mick, Bekah Lynch, Angie Osburn, Tammy Jones, Heather Ashcraft, Tabby Hamrick, Hannah Hall, Shelby Carr, Sarah Carnes, Ashley George, Alayna Phillips, Sue Moore, Beverly Richards, Sarita Robinson, Liz Lancaster, Shelley Pirrong, Brad Bennett, Steve Stemple, Amanda Reed, Larry Buckland and Danny Blake


          The fall Emmaus/Chrysalis weekends are fast approaching.  The Chrysalis guys and gals have one more team meeting.  I am sure there are still offsite positions open for all three weekends.  Please consider volunteering some of your time.  As we all know these weekends would not be successful if you don’t become Christ’s hands and feet.
          If you cannot volunteer think about going to http://www.3dayol.org and sign up for a slot on the prayer vigil.  Prayer is the foundation of every weekend!  Because of your schedule you cannot commit to the prayer vigil.  I ask you to remember these weekends in your daily time with the Lord.  A quick couple of sentence prayer by 1800 members would cover and protect us from the evil one. As you pray ask Holy Spirit to hover over the camp and invade everyone that steps onto the grounds.
          I pray you attend the candlelight service.  We all remember how that small time affected us, overwhelm these caterpillars and pilgrims with your presence.
          Please come to closing and listen to the way Jesus came and dwelled with each of the new members.
          Finally, with everyone doing something these men and women, young or old will leave their weekend with a “new” understanding of God’s love for them and go forth and change the sphere of their influence.
Fly with Christ / DeColores
Dana Boyce - Boys LD Chrysalis Flight 40 / Journey 18

Team includes: Dana Boyce, Andrew Galan, Sal Bombadiere, Vincent Steele, Rodney Richards, Hunter Glover, Jeffery Hawkins, Robert Stier, Rick Stillwell, Dave Daughtery, Jim Steele, Destry Daniels, Carmen Meluzio, Leon Brown, Wes Jones, Duane Bartrug, Wade Robinson and Lou Ortenzio


Hey my Christian brothers and sisters. Have you begin to prepare agape for the fall walks? It’s sooner than you think. Teaming has begun. Old friendships are being renewed and new friendships being made. Please support the team by getting those pilgrim applications in, making agape, serving offsite and praying.
Cecil Lanham – Men’s #91 LD

Team includes: Cecil Lanham, Mike Crandell, Roger Carr, Chris Starkey, Jim Harris, Rodney McGinnis, Dave Markley, Jim Sailor, Bob Wilson, Brian Ward, Charles Glover, Randy Efaw, Charles Bilby, Wes Jones, Hartzel Bright, Greg Lanham, Jim Murphy, Tim Turner, Sean Barnett and Joe Shreve


Who shakes the whole earth with holy thunder, Leaves us breathless in awe and wonder, The King of glory, the King above all Kings.  This is amazing grace - This is unfailing love!
This is unfailing love!  I am so excited just think about the NCWV Walk to Emmaus #92, about seeing who God has chosen to come and Walk with Him.  This is amazing grace!
With God’s help we have a wonderful team put together.  Some have served several times, some a few and some for the first time.  The team excitement is growing knowing they will be on site to do the work God needs done.  Please keep the Team, Pilgrims, and off site workers in your Prayers.  I want to thank everyone for saying yes! 
Glenna K. Butcher – Womens #92 LD

Team includes: Glenna Butcher, Margaret Brown, Tammy Jones, Robin Byrd, G'na Stephens, Casey Stiles, Becky Bartrug, Sharlene Stemple, Kelly Landis, Renee McFarland, Donna Sims, Angie Arbogast, Sharlene Harris, Judy Furie, Sheryl Jones, Becky Weese, Connie Meluzio, Duane Bartrug, Leon Brown, Peggy Williams, Susie Metzner and Austin Lynch

Chrysalis Offsite - UPDATED 9/17

The Chrysalis board want to encourage each of you to come out and support the Chrysalis weekends in whatever way you are able. That could be sponsoring a caterpillar, making agape, making a donation of any amount, serving offsite, clowning, signing up for the prayer vigil, attending Sendoff, Candlelight and Closing. Thanks in advance for your service.
Sendoff – Friday September 26th 8AM  
Candlelight – Saturday September 27th 8PM  
Closing – Sunday September 28th  3PM


There are many ways you could help on a Chrysalis weekend. Please contact a board member if you are interested in coming out to help!

SET-UP: There is so much to do to set up the camp prior to the team and caterpillars arrival! We need as many hands as we can get for this task. Set-up will start at 10 a.m. Thursday, September 25, 2014. – Emily Galan & Lou Ortenzio

KITCHEN: We are still in need of a few people to serve meals and decorate tables throughout the weekend. Meal times are generally 8:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m., and 5:00 p.m. If you plan to help, please contact a board member so the kitchen knows to expect people. – Jarrod Elliott & Nick Pirrong

AGAPE: Angels to help set-up and clean-up the agape feasts Saturday after Candlelight are needed. Don’t forget to make agape gifts. 40 pieces are needed for each weekend. So if you doing the same for both that’s a total of 80 pieces. Please label with the number of items included and if it is to go to BOYS, GIRLS, BOTH, or EITHER. – Cory Brenwalt

CHAPEL: Clowns Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning for the clown chapels are still needed. – Alayna Philips 

PRAYER VIGILS: Boys & Girls 

Emmaus Offsite

     May God's blessing be with you this past month. With the upcoming walks and flights that are coming up so soon, I'm excited to encourage all of you new members and even some of you who have been out circuit for a while, to work with the upcoming weekends for the Chrysalis/Journey as well the Men and Women's weekends.
     There is so much that it takes to make this process of the weekend go this smoothly.  If anyone wants to work but it's quite sure where to serve, please one of the board members know, so we can help find you the perfect place to serve.  We are also in need of having individuals who will pray, write letters, and help the off-site workers. I love every minute that I spend with this ministry and I know it will continue to go. Please contact me if I can help you in any anyway possible. 
May God Bless You! DeColores!

G'na Stephens
Emmaus Community Lay Director

SET-UP: We will be setting up the camp at 10am Thursday, September 25th of the Chrysalis weekend as we are setting up for all 3 weekends. Then on Sunday the 28th a few things will need moved and reset up for the men’s weekend. – Jim Sailor

KITCHEN: Helpers are needed to serve meals, decorate tables, wash dishes, and prepare food and snacks. Over the years some of the table decoration have worn out and some news ones are needed. Any donations would be appreciated. Keep in mind there are 6 tables so if you have 6 matching things that’s even better. – Tammy Jones

CHAPEL: If you wish to help set up chapels please contact me. – Donna Sims

AGAPE: Our fall walks will be here very soon.  If you have not already started getting your Agape ready, please remember how much fun you had getting yours and help provide for the walks.  Our Chrysalis Community is really good with helping our walks with Agape, please consider and help them also.  We do have people lined up to be Agape Angels, but as we know, many hands make light work.  If you are interested in helping out even for day, half day or a few hours please let me know.

If you are a baker the men’s walk has requested desserts for their Agape Feast.  The women of course like desserts, but also fruits and veggies. – Glenna Butcher

PRAYER VIGILS: Men’s & Women’s

Upcoming Events - UPDATED 9/17

Sept. 11 – Caterpillar Deadline
Sept. 11 – Men’s Pilgrim Deadline 
Sept. 18 – Women’s Pilgrim Deadline
Sept. 20 – Dinner 5:30 followed by Gathering & Fall Commissioning Service 6:30PM H&H Chapel. 
Sept. 22 
– Last day for Late pilgrim application accepted. Cut off time 5pm. 
Sept. 26-28 – Girl's Chrysalis Flight #39 / Journey #17 LD Liz Mick
Sept. 26-28 – Boy's Chrysalis Flight #40 / Journey #18 LD Dana Boyce 
Oct. 2-5 – Men's Walk to Emmaus #91 LD Cecil Lanham
Oct. 9-12 – Women's Walk to Emmaus #92 LD Glenna Butcher
Oct. 18 – Next steps/ 4th Day Dinner 5:30 PM Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel
Nov. 15 – Monthly Gathering 6:30PM H&H Chapel

Have questions or need more info but not sure who to contact? Send a email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Reunion Group

Hi! My name is Tabby Hamrick…I worship at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewod….I went on NCWV Chrysalis Flight #3…and I sat at the table of Jesus means much to me. And my name is Renee McFarland…I attended the North Central West Virginia Walk to Emmaus #80…I worship at Congregational Missionary Church in Stonewood…and I sat at the table of Sarah. We are in charge of preparation on the board this year. This means preparing the nametags, folders, crosses and making sure all the supplies are at camp for the weekend like the airhorn. We also want to encourage the startup of Reunion Groups. Do you desire to continue your pursuit of a life lived wholly in the grace of God by becoming part of a small accountability Reunion Group? Below you can find: 1) What is an Emmaus/Chrysalis Reunion Group? 2) How do I join a Reunion Group? 3) How do we have an effective Reunion Group? We have an option to have reunion groups online. It is a simple chat group anyone can use. You don’t have to have anything special like facebook or sign up for anything. See the details below.  If you currently are a part of an active Reunion Group that is meeting regularly please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the details so we can add your group to our active Reunion Group list.

Read more: Reunion Group